2010-10-13 11:49 am
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VB6 app that never starts up

Wow, I'm just having a hellish day..actually it started yesterday but hasn't really ended today.
Basically I have two XP systems. One is my older XP install running inside a Vmware VM, and the other is a new XP installation running as the host OS.
I have a large GUI project written in VB6 that uses several 3rd party controls.
The problem is, if I compile the project (same source) on the VM XP machine, then that executable will run fine on both systems.
But if I compile the project on the host OS, then the executable will only run on the host computer, and on the VM machine it simply starts and disappears. No errors, no logs, nothing!

Sometimes I really hate VB6. If it can't find something or there's a problem, why can't it throw up a dialog or something to give me a clue.
I've tried comparing dependencies etc...but haven't found any differences yet.

Would be nice if there was a way to find out why an app just won't start.